//m00m//| //Dear m00m recruit: The year is 2073. The world has fully changed and fallen hostage to The F8 Corporation, a technocratic organization that controls humanity via Ai…

[S1E01] "The Event"

A mysterious interstellar phenomenon crosses paths with the planet formally known as earth. Members of an “unspoken resistance" and agents of the F8 Corporation are the first to discover goo-laced artifacts resulting from the event...

[S1E02] "Black & Blue"

GOLDSTAR's morning takes an unforeseen turn as F8 agents scour the shipping yard and discover the unknown blue-goo compound. An aggressive altercation between a F8 Agent and another resistance member to the rise of a mysterious ally who redefines reality on One-World.

[S1E03] "The Departure, Pt.1"

Confused by how they escaped multiple F8 agents and survived the attack, GOLDSTAR tries explaining to Kev that her shipping container is alive! Together they formulate a plan to leave the shipping port...

[S1E04] "The Departure, Pt.2"

Kevin presses forward with Goldstar's near-impossible plan to infiltrate the control tower. In a clash with F8 his social engineering skills come under test and mix with a bit of violence.

[S1E05] "MACEI"

The F8 Corporation hosts its annual convention, "F8 World". F8 CEO, Liander Xang, announces a new technology set to change the world.


m00m reveals more about his species as the team preps for an upcoming mission in a new city. The F8 Corporation demands answers from their staffs failure at The Port of Los Angeles...


Goldstar embarks on a solo-mission seeking rations and weaponry in a dusty casino town known as Silver City. Kevin introduces m00m to hiphop along with some exotic remedies...

[S1E08] "Status World - Supper Club"

In an attempt to secure weapons at an underground Outpost, Goldstar finds herself borrowing ETH over leveraged as she makes a deal with two Post-Russian arms dealers.

[S1E09] "Luna"

Stakes and energy are high at the FRAPS table with GOLDSTAR "all in".

[S1E10] "The Teammate"

Tensions run high during an arms deal with NiGHTSHiFT faction. Judo may be the only solution...

[S1E11] "An Unknown F8"

The F8 Corporation reveals trade secrets and preps their agents...

[S1E12] "The Ambush"

An ambush catches m00m and crew off-guard as intense gunplay crescendos into a downpour of fiery, g00ey emotion...


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The Fearless Leader of The Resistance



Street Artist & Badass Sidekick


Intelligent Little Container Creature



Minds-Eye AI Clarity Enhanced Intelligence

Liander Xang

Liander Xang

F8 Corporation, Founder & CEO