m00m: A WEB3 community super-project! Dear m00m operative: The year is 2073 and the world has fully changed and fallen hostage to a group of evil technocrats known as the F8 Corporation. Your creativity and collaboration is required to defeat F8 by building the ultimate WEB3 Super-Project. Our journey begins by minting 7,777 container creatures in order to onboard new resistance members. Your NFT will be your access card to unique physical and digital items and will also act as your invitation to our writers-room where get to participate as a storyteller. Jordangeographic | Founder & m00m operative “Together we’re building the ultimate SCI-FI empire together! ROADMAP 1. 7777 Container Creatures: Trickle-mint 7777 ETH-based m00m container creatures. STATUS: MINT DATE, SUMMER '23 2. Viva La Resistance: Deploy "m00m BBS" on iOS/Android. The BBS is the official communication platform of the resistance. STATUS: LAUNCHED 3. The Revolution Will Not Be Fungible: Deploy our original audio series on every major podcast platform. STATUS: LAUNCHED 4. Movie Magic: Begin the production of the original m00m animated series. **Hodlers will be part of writing the story via the m00m BBS! Status: PRODUCTION BEGINS ONCE MINTED OUT 5. m00m Container Club aka "MCC": Further enhance your PFP and receive limited digital and physical collectables within the m00m Container Club. Entrust the m00m Resistance to deliver ongoing value. Status; In Development 6. THE SINGULARITY: The ultimate objective of m00m is highly classified and will be revealed at a later date. Stay Tuned!